Services & Prices

Scheduling: Training is done once a week during a set time slot. Once you book a time slot the training will be done on a weekly basis at that set time. That time slot essentially belongs to you until training is complete. Typically your session will not be able to be rescheduled for another time that week. Occasionally it is possible, but typically another client already owns that time slot.

There is an initial $200 intake fee which locks in your training time slot.
Then each Training Session is one hour and costs $120.
You pay your trainer directly each week. Debit Card and most credit cards are accepted. This is a little different from other training services. Most usually require that you sign up for a nonrefundable prepaid package. Canine Training Services only requires you to pay per session each week. You are not obligated to sign up for a set number of sessions.  How many sessions are needed is based on progress and client needs & goals. You do, however, have to agree to the cancellation policy below, please read it carefully.


Since clients are not required to prepay for sessions, we do require clients to agree to our Cancellation Policy which requires 72 hours (3 days) notice to cancel. If notice is not given then the cancellation fee is equal to the cost of the session, $120. Exceptions are made for emergencies or illness, in which case the fee may be waived. As Elliott is owner of the company, he makes the final determination. The Cancellation Fee is charged to your VISA/Debit card which you authorize when you agree to the Cancellation Policy or you pay cash at the next session if you are a cash paying client. We rarely cancel sessions. If we do, it would be due to an emergency, illness or we give the same 72 hour notice to our clients. We believe this policy to be fair as it shows a mutual respect for each other and it is important for consistent training. It is required for services with Canine Training Services. Once training services are started you can cancel at any time, but you do need to give 3 days notice of cancellation.

Training Services: $120

I offer training services at very affordable rates. All of my training services cost $120 per session, there is NO extra charge if there are two dogs. I do this so that anyone can get the help they need. Each session is one hour and training is once a week. After each session where we introduce something new I will send you a step by step lesson plan so you can practice at home with your dog. This maximizes results and reduces the total number of sessions needed which will save you money.

  • Obedience Training: Includes standard obedience commands such as sit, stay, off, etc.
  • Canine Rehabilitation Training: Includes working with dangerous behaviors, nervous behaviors, or dogs that have a serious history of aggression. This training is perfect for dogs who are reactive or aggressive towards others. These behaviors can be scary but don’t worry, with a little professional help you can stop this behavior.
  • Service Dog Training: All of us need extra support at some point in our lives. If you feel that you would benefit from the support of a service dog or emotional support animal I would be happy to help! Whether you have a physical, emotional, or mental health condition I can train your dog to assist you in the most difficult of circumstances. I really enjoy providing assistance and comfort to those who need it. Rest assured any personal information you may share with me about your condition(s) will stay with me. As someone who worked in clinical psychology for years I understand the need for confidential information to stay confidential.