Q: What payment methods do you accept?

Credit cards, cash or checks. High end sports cars and real estate are also accepted.

Q: Do I need protection training?

Protection training is optional and whether or not you should get this kind of training is a personal decision. However I would highly recommend protection training if you have a strong or protective breed of dog. All dogs naturally have a desire to protect themselves and most will bite if threatened. The issue with this is that dogs are not as capable of correctly interpreting situations as humans are. This leaves the possibility that your protective dog could bite the wrong person or bite the right person at the wrong time. Protection training puts the natural protective instinct under your control instead of the dog’s. For this reason I would humbly recommend protection training if you have what I would call a serious breed of dog.  Just a few examples of these would be mastiffs, pit bulls,  bull dogs, and Rottweilers.

Q: What are your training methods?

My training methods vary greatly. Every breed and dog responds differently so there is no one training method that works for every dog. I am certified in applied behavior analysis which is a very flexible group of behavior modification techniques. If you’d like to learn more I’d recommend a quick google search and you’ll find many articles on the basics of applied behavior analysis.

Q: What training Services Do You Offer?

I offer protection training, service dog training, aggressive behavior reduction, and obedience training.

Q: How much does training cost?

$120 a session at one session a week.

Q: How long does it take to complete the training?

That completely depends upon the dog and the client’s needs. Broadly speaking you can expect to need at least 8 sessions at a minimum. But again it completely depends on the situation. Once I know more about your situation I’ll be able to give a better idea.